The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

  • 24-MAR-2017

EPPTV presents a lively look at the intrigue behind the signing of the European Union’s founding document, the Treaty of Rome, which was signed 60 years ago on 25 March 1957.

The short documentary takes you inside the Palace of the Conservators in Rome where the signing took place and we speak to journalist David Willey, who witnessed it. In the archive video, former French negotiator Jean-François Deniau discusses the inside story of the complex talks and common interests that brought together the six founding members of what is now the European Union of 28 nations. Steven Blockmans of the CEPS think-tank looks back at the stakes for Europe and EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber speaks of the experience of his generation; living in Europe in peace and freedom.

Please note: this documentary is also available subtitled in all EU official languages (apart from Swedish). Language versions are available here: