European Parliament's Plenary Session Round-up: Approval of new Commission, Stronger EU measures on Ebola prevention

  • 23-OCT-2014

This week at the European Parliament saw the confirmation of the new European Commission headed by its President Jean-Claude Juncker. After a gruelling season of nomination hearings and a few last-minute reshuffles, the 27-member cabinet of Jean-Claude Juncker has been approved by the European Parliament. Using the analogy of international credit ratings, Juncker said the new, far more politically agile Commission would have to pay better attention to the social needs of its citizens in future.

Also much discussed in the plenary and in headlines across the globe: the fight against the often deadly Ebola virus. Now the debate is over what measures the European parliament and European Union can take to maximise protection for its citizens. Although a handful of patients with Ebola have been successfully treated in European clinics, more new cases are expected to land on Europe's shores in coming weeks and months. Kristalina Georgieva, outgoing EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, said with 10,000 cases a week predicted by December, fast work is needed if West African infrastructure is to be spared complete collapse and a global crisis averted.

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