• 18-NOV-2015

EPP Group leadership asks European Unity to fight terrorism and criticises socialists and liberals on PNR

Following the Paris terrorists attacks, the EPP Group promptly condemned the barbarian acts and acted immediately by updating its policy paper on terrorism which was adopted last March by all Members of the EPP Group.

In a press point after today's Group meeting, EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, joined by French MEP and Chairman of the Budgets Committee, Alain Lamassoure, and Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group Esteban González Pons, underlined the importance of all Europeans standing together to face and fight terrorism.

Main points were the presentation of the updated priorities (attached here), the need of European response to terrorism and strong criticism against the socialists and the liberals in the European Parliament who block the adoption of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) legislation.


  • Ioannis Zografos
    EPP TV Managing Producer
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