• 16-SEP-2014

EPP Group's Weber calls Association Agreement legally binding "important first step"

In an interview with EPP TV, EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber underscored the historic and symbolic importance of the EUs Association Agreement with Ukraine. It is, he said, a step towards the European orientation of freedom.

Weber was also asked about the hold-up of a free trade deal, which Russia vehemently opposes, and how Ukraine, with the EUs help, can fully enjoy its new EU status.

Weber responded that the agreement is now a legally binding decision--an "important first step". The EPP he added, will monitor together with the Ukraine the situation over the next few weeks and months to talk with Russia and "build bridges" to clear remaining obstacles.

Given Russia´s recent ban on imported EU agricultural and foodstuffs, Weber was asked how the EU could dampen the impact of the current ban.

In reply, Weber threw the responsibility back on Russia, saying signals are still needed from Russia that it wants to be a partner for peace and prosperity in Ukraine.


  • Ioannis Zografos
    EPP TV Managing Producer
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