• 26-FEB-2013

EU to Toughen Tobacco Legislation

Smoking kills 700,000 people in Europe alone, that's roughly the size of a city like Frankfurt in Germany. MEPs, Commission and experts from the health sector discuss revision of Tobacco Directive to prevent people from smoking, which is considered to be the most important dossier in the Parliament. The hearing showed renewed commitment for strong tobacco control policy. Tonio Borg, Commissioner for Health said: 'It's important that cigarette products, nicotine products, are not attractive to the young.This is extremely important if we want to put down, and have a decline of smokers inside the European Union, which would also not only mean a healthier living, that is a value in itself, health is a value in itself, but also economically it would mean less costs for government to treat health-smoking related diseases and also savings for the individuals themselves.' Available material includes an edited package and general views.