• 12-MAY-2016

Europol - China, Not a Market Economy - EU Asylum Reform - Tax Fraud

The European Parliament approved a law to boost police cooperation across the EU during this Strasbourg plenary session. It will see Europol equipped with an Internet Referral Unit to counter terrorist propaganda, a Counterterrorism Centre and a Cybercrime Unit.

MEPs also backed a Commission proposal to distribute asylum seekers across the EU more fairly.

In addition, all the political forces in the European Parliament said in a joint resolution that China is not a market economy and still needs to meet five EU criteria to become one.

MEPs also passed a law obliging member states to exchange tax information relating to big multinationals in order to combat tax avoidance.

And the European Parliament set up a Committee of Inquiry into the Panama Papers affair to tackle tax fraud. The EPP Group played a leading role in setting up the committee and determining its mandate.