• 28-FEB-2013

Horsemeat Scandal is Not a Food Safety Issue, Says European Commissioner Borg

As the horsemeat scandal sweeps across Europe, Members of the European Parliament held an exchange of views with the European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg. EPP Group Spokesperson on Food Security, Richard Seeber commented that 'after analysing properly the situation I think it would be very good for the Commission to come forward with the right proposal, for example labelling of origin of meat products and of the slaughtering of the meat and as well look at the traceability and on the random systems.'

The Commission has already put plans in motion by launching a system of inspections. Commissioner Borg said: 'This is being co-financed by the Commission to the tune of 75%. It will start tomorrow, some have started even earlier and the sampling testing, random testing will be divided according to Member States depending on the size of the population but also on the number of horsemeat produced. And then the results will be published in April. I hope we will continue this testing even for a further two months but that would be depend on the cooperation of the Member States.' Available material includes an edited package and general views.


  • Ioannis Zografos
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