• 09-APR-2014

  • Bruxelles, Belgium

Taking care of health Europe-wide

Healthcare is primarily a national concern but that doesn't mean that the EU doesn't have a role. EPP TV examines how the EU is playing its part in improving public health in Europe. Its 2008-2013 health programme aimed to provide a benchmark for common healthcare standards across the Union and narrow the gap between different practices in the Member States, through closer cooperation and a better exchange of experiences, information and knowledge. A comprehensive health information system is being developed to provide EU-wide access to reliable and up-to-date information on health-related topics. In particular, the European Parliament has been working on improving the diagnosis of rare diseases and has put in place a system where a specialist in another country can use his or hers expertise to help confirm the diagnosis and allow the patient to be treated by that expert in another Member State. Available material includes an edited package.