Corona Recovery Fund, travel and tourism, apps and vaccines





Corona Recovery Fund, travel and tourism, apps and vaccines
Chris off: At the latest plenary, demands for the European Parliament to play a key role in creating the EU’s Corona crisis Recovery fund.

Manfred Weber: 2:18 No budget without democratic legitimacy.

Chris off: Saving the travel and tourism sectors hit hard by Covid-19.

Roberta Metsola 7:40 We need to make sure that our family businesses are saved.

Chris off Pushing for contact tracing apps and a vaccine to put the pandemic behind us.

Peter Liese :09 There is a huge risk of a second wave…
:32and that’s why the app is so important.

Chris off: The European Parliament this week debated and staked out its position on funding to help the EU rebuild its economy devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The EPP Group says it will veto a long-term budget plan if Parliament is not part of the discussions on the Coronavirus Recovery Plan.

Manfred Weber, EPP Group Chairman 1:26 For us as EPP the key element is to fight for a democratic budget, a budget decided by the people, represented by the people in this chamber. A budget based on solidarity of people and nations in the European Union. A budget that is honest with the people and a
budget that cares for the people. 1:44

Chris off: The EPP Group also wants a separate fund to jumpstart Europe’s economy.

Siegfried Mureșan, EPP Group Vice-Chair: 1:25 We demand an ambitious Recovery Fund which is composed of loans and grants, which help on the ground, which make a real difference on the ground, and we want this not to increase the burden on Member States, on countries.

Chris off: Travel and tourism in Europe are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, with 23 million jobs and 10% of the gross domestic product at stake.

While the European Commission this week presented its proposals to help the sectors, the EPP Group called for unified European health checks and sanitary protocols to ensure cross-border travel and tourism.

Marian Marinescu, Romanian MEP :02 First condition: to open the borders, and to open for everybody. :18 We have to open the borders together with health conditions, requirements. That’s very clear also. :31

Chris off Along with EU-wide travel rules, the EPP Group is urgently calling for financial support for the sectors.

Roberta Metsola, Maltese MEP 6:51 The travel and tourism industry has been and will be hit the hardest throughout this crisis, and we need to do everything in our power to save it.

Chris off Parliament debated common EU standards for contact tracing apps with privacy protection. The EPP Group’s spokesman on public health, himself a doctor, says it’s vital to control the spread of the virus.

Peter Liese, German MEP :06 The corona virus is still among us, so there is a huge risk of a second wave.
:22 But at the same time I understand for social reasons, for personal reasons, for economic reasons we cannot stay in lockdown for more months, and that's why this tracing app is so important. :34

:44 Scientists, experts tell me that it is possible to do that in line with the European data protection.

Chris off Parliament also debated how to cooperate globally on developing a vaccine against Covid-19. The EPP Group says there must be a Plan B if the EU has trouble getting access to one.

Liese on 1:00 There may be governments that are not so keen on helping us, like the US government under Donald Trump.

5:02 We need also to be ready to speak the language of power, and I think forced licensing and trade policy are two elements. .. 5:17 use the strength of this alliance to make clear that we are all together in this. We are all united and those who want to play their own game, they will have
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