Creating tracing apps to safely re-open Europe





Creating tracing apps to safely re-open Europe
Looking past the coronavirus lockdown, the EPP Group says, with contact tracing apps, Europe can ease confinement measures and get back to work faster by doing targeted quarantining rather than locking down everybody. The largest political force in the European Parliament believes a smartphone app that also respects personal privacy can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and get Europe moving again.
7:34 What is very clear for us as the EPP Group is we need to respect our privacy legislation but at the same time, knowing that most Member States are looking at these apps, we need to make sure that they have interoperability, that they work across borders.
7:53 If they are going to be used to open up the internal market, cross-border traffic, tourism being one of those issues, we might as well do it right.

1:07 If it helps us to fight the pandemic, it's good. 1:26 I have to insist, the access and use of data has to be transparent and in full respect of EU fundamental rights.

How would these apps work?
4:37 An app should do nothing more than work for contact tracing; it should be time-limited.
4:54 If you use a Bluetooth app, it's very local, so it detects people less than one and a half metres away from you.
5:27 What's important in this discussion now is, is this data being stored locally or is it centralised at government level, and that more local it is, the more reassuring it is to a lot of people that clearly this is not Big Brother. 5:38.

6:27 If we have this app working correctly, we will be able to know where the virus is and to avoid it. 6:39
4:37 If we have a single app or compatible apps, we will be able to travel among our countries. If we have compatible apps, Schengen area will be saved. 4:52.

How to prevent the misuse of the data?
8:56 I hope that these apps will help Europeans to go back to normal life, but I have to add that safety and fundamental rights are not in contradiction.

6:01 You shouldn’t be fighting a disease while at the same time abolishing the rule of law. 6:28 This is something that we as the EPP Group will call on the Commission to monitor the correct use of these apps. 6:35
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer