Energy funding must be in line with climate targets



Energy funding must be in line with climate targets
Christian Ehler, MEP (DE)
3:35 to 3:42
“We have an ambition and this is to reduce C02 emissions by 2050 to zero”

Kevin VO
EPP Group MEP and Industry Committee coordinator Christian Ehler speaking after a vote to change the rules used for selecting and funding EU energy projects

Christian Ehler, MEP (DE)
0:08 to 0:23
“I think in principle terms it’s about adopting the so called project of common interests of the electricity, gas, infrastructure programme of Europe to the new ambitions of the green deal and recent developments”

Kevin VO
It comes after the Parliament last week, gave its backing to the current list of projects, despite some objections from those opposed to gas

Christian Ehler, MEP (DE)
1:50 to 2:08
“We need gas infrastructure in Europe, for example to transport hydrogen in the future, to substitute carbon in combustion processes so if we want to have a C02 free chemical industry or a C02 free steel industry, we need the gas infrastructure”.

Kevin VO
Christian Ehler says gas is also a bridging technology and will not be blocked for funding

Christian Ehler, MEP (DE
2.29 to 2:38

“That’s true but under the condition that these infrastructures fit to the principle goals of the climate policy of the European Union”
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