EPP Group calls for common charger within 6 months



EPP Group calls for common charger within 6 months
Making it easier to charge your phone.
The EPP Group has been fighting for single common chargers for electronic devices for a decade. Now, a resolution has been passed, calling on the Commission to take action by July. As well as making life easier for the consumer, common chargers could help reduce 50 million tons of e-waste generated every year.

From 2:06 to 2.39
“It will surely happen because there is a broad agreement in the European Parliament because we have had enough of it, it has been 10 years and especially the citizens of the European Union want us to facilitate their lives and not allow the enterprises to complicate it and because this resolution had very broad support, we demand from the European Commission to prepare legislative proposal until summer this year and the Commission has a very positive attitude to it”

From 4:57 to 5.29
“Well the environment, the waste is one thing, it’s good according to the green deal that we reduce the waste but it’s more important nowadays in cases of emergencies - there are no public phones anymore, I’m driving from Brussels to Strasbourg, there’s no public phone on the highway, if I’m stuck somewhere in an emergency, I need my telephone with a filled battery and if not, I cannot call the emergency services so it’s necessary”
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer