EPP Group reacts to new Climate Law




04 Mar 2020


Brussels, Belgium

EPP Group reacts to new Climate Law
Peter Liese MEP (DE)
00:46 to 00:52
“Young people and people all over the continent ask us to act and that’s why we should do it ”

Supporting moves for climate neutrality by 2050. EPP Group spokesman for the Environment Peter Liese reacting to the EU’s first ever climate law. However, he believes the 2030 emissions cut target, which is still to be decided, needs close examination

Peter Liese MEP (DE)
01:20 to 01:46
“Even if we only do the 50% - that’s 10 % more than committed in Paris - and I don’t know any major economy in the world that is doing such a big step, such a big step - so we shouldn’t underestimate the challenge to go from 40 to 50 % in 2030 and that’s why it’s not wise not to go to 55 per cent without any further analysis ”

Kevin VO
EPP Group Vice Chair Esther de Lange explains why a full impact assessment is so important

Esther de Lange MEP (NL) 02:07 to 02:27
“The impact assessment is important because we want this Green deal to also provide opportunities in Europe. If the Green deal means that our industry will go because the level playing field for example doesn’t exist yet, we will have all these electrical busses but they will be made in China, I would like them to be made in Europe ”

Kevin VO
Another issue raised is the Commission’s plan to bypass Parliament and Member States when it comes to tightening emission targets in the future

Esther de Lange MEP (NL) 01:01 to 01:14
“We need to bring along member states, citizens, companies and you don’t do that by hiding decisions kind of behind the walls of the Berlaymont, we need a discussion that is done in openness and full transparency”

Kevin VO
While the EPP Group wants to ensure that other continents make similar efforts to tackle global warming

Peter Liese MEP (DE) 02:28 to 2:42
“Global warming is global warming so we have a global problem. It is not only Europe that needs to act so I think it’s much more important to work with other continents, with other big emitters to really achieve the targets that we have”
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  • Laura Barrios
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