EPP Group to give its go ahead to new Commission



EPP Group to give its go ahead to new Commission
In the last couple of months, EU Commissioner nominees have come through a gruelling series of hearings full of searching questions from MEPs.

European Commission President elect, Ursula Von der Leyen, is all set to present her team to MEPs in plenary in Strasbourg.

The EPP Group will give its green light to the new European Commission in a vote in the European Parliament. And MEPs are expected to follow suit.

More than 200 million people, voters, went to the ballot boxes and voted in the new European Parliament. And now, after this democratic success, we have to bring the Commission into office. That’s why the European People’s Party, the biggest group in the European Parliament, will support the next European Commission. We want to start now to work.

The EPP gave clear promises to the voters. More security, internally fight against terrorism and organised crime, externally strengthen the border control. We want to have an economic future for Europe. We need trade deals. We need more research for having good products and services for tomorrow. And we want to have a good perspective for our ecological footprint of the Europeans. So fight against climate change. Those are the pillars of the EPP policy with additional smaller aspects but they are the main pillars for our work, what we want to achieve in the next five years. And the EPP Commissioners are clearly committed to these ideas.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer