EU cash must be linked to EU values





EU cash must be linked to EU values
Sarvamma 0.14 to 0:35 -* tight at start as video switches to speaker view*

“This Union was built on values that we simply cannot undermine, so that’s why we need a mechanism for the rule of law to be a condition for a Member State to get money from the EU .”

Sarvamma 1.49 to 2:15

“What we are concretely talking about here is especially the independence of the judiciary. The judicial system in any Member State has to be able to function a hundred percent impartially, independently, with no pressure whatsoever from any third parties, usually the governments.”

Weber 0:34 to 0:53

“We are spending in the next seven years, one point eight trillion euros, a lot of money, and it's needed because we have to answer the COVID-19 crisis. But if you spend so much money, people all over Europe expect from us that in all Member States we guarantee free media and an independent judiciary. That's why the rule of law is for us a red line lo.”

Weber 1:59 to 2:10

“We are speaking about a binding rule of law mechanism and if we achieve this it would be an historic achievement for the European Union. The first time we link money to values, and that’s important.”
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer