EU Recovery Plan: Solidarity is back





EU Recovery Plan: Solidarity is back
Manfred Weber, EPP Group Chairman:
Solidarity is back, European solidarity is back.
3:12 Europe cannot accept another lost generation.
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The EPP Group throws its weight behind the EU’s proposed Recovery Plan for Europe’s pandemic-stricken economy, totaling 750 billion euros. Group Chairman Manfred Weber says it must be bold, and the European Parliament must play a key role in shaping it. He spoke after the European Commission presented its proposal to Parliament on Wednesday.
Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission President :
2 :59
The crisis has huge externalities and spillovers across all countries. … This is about all of us, and it is way bigger than any of us. It is Europe’s moment.
Weber on:
Millions of people are still concerned, even about their future, about their job, about their families, and Europe is giving a strong answer: You are not alone.
The proposed 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion in loans are designed to prevent another lost generation of youth like after the financial crisis of 2008, and to invest in the future.
Siegried Mureșan, EPP Group Vice Chair, on :
The European Union is delivering. The instruments … will be concrete, it will make a difference for people, for companies, for regions, and for countries.
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With a warning that the money should not be misused.
Esteban González Pons, EPP Group Vice Chair:
The fund cannot serve to launder the policies of bad governments. If we water populism, it is a plant that will grow and take root.
Pons on:
Europe, in addition to this economic Marshall Plan, needs a democratic Marshall Plan which defends the rule of law and our values as much as we defend our single currency.
The Recovery Plan should be in addition to the EU’s long-term budget, which should continue supporting traditional as well as future-oriented priorities.
Muresan on:
We should also not forget the old priorities of the EU budget, We should not forget about farmers, about students, we should not forget our new priorities, the Green Deal, the security of citizens, digitalisation.
The EPP Group also wants a long-term budget that’s larger and more future-proof. It should be partially financed by new EU revenue-raising, such as CO2 or digital taxes.
Esther de Lange, EPP Group Vice Chair :
My main concern is the fact that we're now entering into debt that is unavoidable in this crisis, but it's unclear how and when it is going to be repaid. …
Therefore, I would like to see a real commitment from Council that we get our own resources in time.
Weber on:
We need own resources for paying back the debts we have now installed. The big winner of the crisis are the digital giants, and that's why I think it's fair to ask the digital giants to pay part of the debt we are creating now.
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