Fight disinformation to protect lives and democracy





Fight disinformation to protect lives and democracy
Chris off:
Fake news, or disinformation, has undermined governments and influenced elections. Now it’s sowing confusion about the Covid-19 pandemic. The European Commission is proposing more action to battle the bots, and the EPP Group says new measures need to be backed up with more people, resources and coordination. The EPP also calls for binding new rules for social media platforms.

Sandra Kalniete, EPP Group Vice-Chair:
It's evident that major sources of different sorts of disinformation during this Covid pandemic mostly come from Russia, China, Iran, also Syria.
6:29 Europeans really need safe and protected internet space, public space, where they can communicate, and where they can be sure that what they are reading, and what they are sharing, it's not fake news. 6:51

Axel Voss, German MEP:
There are these conspiracy theories around during this Covid-19, that this was engineered by governments, business individuals like Bill Gates, to control the world population in a strive for power. Or a second one is people are thinking corona is spread by telephone poles, and they are starting to burn these.

What needs to be done?

Kalniete on:
3:35 European institutions need to be together in a more coordinated way.3:00 We need budget for this and we need human resources, because countries like Russia and China, they allocate huge positions in their state budget to weaken the European Union, to weaken democracy, particularly attacking NATO. 3:21

Voss on:
We have to find a united approach on EU foreign policy, and with the priority to counter China and Russia’s deliberate spread false news, and also create common rules for foreign platforms, and speak out against these deliberate campaigns.

Why is it time for binding rules on social nets?

Kalniete on:
We see they are not capable to regulate themselves, there is no transparency, there is no accountability, no clarity. Who is responsible for what? And that's why the European Union has to go farther.

Voss on:
We need at first fully binding, harmonised rules to counter fake news and to have a digital single market in the EU…
..and to set clear rules also for these non-EU tech giants. But the goal should be effective notice and take-down measures, also the reliable shutdown of botnets, and the complete shutdown of advertisement revenues, because of this financial interest that also creates platforms that are spreading this false news. 6:38
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer