It’s time to strengthen EU health systems



It’s time to strengthen EU health systems
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“The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that our health systems
are not at all resilient and we are not prepared for different
pandemics - that’s why we need well defined and adequately
financed policy instruments.”
The EU4Health programme aims to:
- Make the EU health system more resilient
- Reduce inequalities
- Support the EU Beating Cancer Plan
- Invest in digitalisation
- Tackle medicine shortages
- Promote vaccination uptake
So how will it benefit you?
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“A very concrete example is the European Electronic Health
Record because a patient with his own electronic record could
go into another country and it would be easier to be consulted
and get medical services. Another practical example would be
the development of screening programmes so it will be
possible to organise screening campaigns for different types
of cancer or chronic diseases.”
The European Commission initially earmarked €9.4 billion for
the EU4Health programme but Member States want it revised
down to €1.7 billion instead.
Parliament will set out its position this week
Our key priority was to increase funding for health. We reinforced the
health programme with 3.4 billion euro. (Three times more money than
EU leaders initially wanted to give.)
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“I think it is very important to have a centralised programme
and to have a coordinated strategy at EU level.”
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“At EU level we could organise common programmes, we
could build common strategies, we could finance studies, we
could finance strategies and also we could finance some very
concrete platforms like the European Health Record, which
could benefit all Member States.”
Health must come first
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer