Member states must play ball on migration pact



Member states must play ball on migration pact
DUR: 0:26
“Well the Commission needed to break the
deadlock between the member states on
the issue of solidarity. I think they have an
innovative solution that might work. I think

it’s absolutely necessary for the EU to do
more in the area of returns, to make returns
more effective and to manage our borders
more efficiently and there are good ideas in
here that we will of course try to even
improve in our work in the Parliament”
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“For the EPP, mandatory relocation has
never been an ideal scenario because
voluntary relocation and voluntary solidarity
is the best way to make sure this will also
work in practice but the most important
thing is that voluntary solidarity should be
enough to solve the actual problem that we
have and if it is not then of course yes there
needs to be a mandatory solution and I
hope that the member states will now finally
agree, they have the opportunity to solve
the problem on the voluntary basis. If they
don’t manage to do so, then mandatory
measures will be necessary.”
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer