New parliamentary committee to work on master plan to beat cancer





New parliamentary committee to work on master plan to beat cancer
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With cancer linked to one in four deaths in Europe, the EPP Group has called for a European Parliament Special Committee on Cancer. The panel is to help accelerate research efforts to beat cancer and improve treatment, with more funding, more cooperation among European research centres and better quality care across Europe. This week Parliament formally sets up the committee.

Manfred Weber, EPP Group Chairman
Millions of Europeans are suffering due to cancer, and for everyone who knows the feeling, everybody knows that this is a tragedy for families, for the whole society. . ... :20 We were picking this up as a main item for our electoral campaign as EPP, as European People´s Party last year, the European elections, and it´s good to see that we can tell people we deliver. :30

GFX How is the Special Committee an important step?

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Now we are upgrading the issue. It´s not only a political party issue anymore. It´s becoming an issue for the whole European Parliament as an institution, that we strengthen our forces, we combine our forces, to bring everyone on board, and to present a comprehensive Master Plan in the fight against cancer. We will beat cancer. 1:40

GFX Why does EPP Group want 50% more EU research funding?

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One element in the fight against cancer is to invest in innovation, to assist our universities, our doctors and experts in this field. And that´s why we are happy that the Commission is proposing an upgrade – more money – for the fight against cancer, especially in the research field. Everybody understands that doing it together is more successful than … in national level 2:14
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