Nurses nominated for European Citizen’s Prize




03 Jul 2020



Nurses nominated for European Citizen’s Prize
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“I’m delighted to announce that the EPP Group has proposed that nurses should be the recipients of this year’s European Citizen’s Prize“

Honouring the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.
EPP Group spokesperson on Women’s Rights Frances Fitzgerald says the European Citizen’s Prize would be a fitting tribute.

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“We’ve seen that they put their lives at risk, we have seen the comfort they have given to patients and it is absolutely appropriate that this year we would nominate them for the European Citizen’s Prize.”

The prize is awarded every year by the European Parliament to those who exemplify European values.

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“It’s about caring for people. It’s about giving dignity to every individual, it’s about showing by your work that you care about people and if we need anything in Europe this year, we need solidarity and this is about expressing solidarity with our nurses”.

EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber says everyone is thankful for the work carried out by nurses.

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“They protected us against the virus, they take care of us when we are sick, and sometimes they risk their lives to save our lives. We are forever thankful for their efforts“.

Manfred Weber says the EU must also learn lessons from the pandemic.

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“The Corona crisis has also emphasised the importance of public health concerns and it is clear that in the future the EU will have to be better prepared for these challenges“.

If successful, the European Federation of Nurses Associations will pick up prize on the behalf of the nurses they represent.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer