Corona Recovery Fund must be about people, solidarity and the future





Corona Recovery Fund must be about people, solidarity and the future
Chris off The European Parliament this week debated and staked out its position on funding to help the EU rebuild its economy devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The EPP Group says it will veto the EU's long-term budget plan if Parliament does not play a key role in creating the Recovery Plan.
Manfred Weber, EPP Group Chairman 1:26
For us as EPP the key element is to fight for a democratic budget, a budget decided by the people, represented by the people in this chamber. A budget based on solidarity of people and nations in the European Union. A budget that is honest with the people and a budget that cares for the people. 1:44

Siegfried Mureșan, EPP Group Vice-Chair :39
Now we need to prepare for the future, and in order to make the best decisions, all institutions of the European Union have to be involved. Members of the European Parliament are coming from all regions of Europe. They are close to the citizens, they know best the situation on the ground. This is why we say we want the European Parliament to be involved in the creation of the Recovery Fund.
GFX A Recovery Plan financed by grants and loans
Muresan on 1:25
We demand an ambitious Recovery Fund which is composed of loans and grants, which help on the ground, which make a real difference on the ground, and we want this not to increase the burden on Member States, on countries.
GFX A Recovery Plan that invests in the future
Weber on 3:07
We already faced in the last 12 years, kind of a lost generation in the European Union, where millions of young people, well educated, well-prepared people, had no chance on the labour market to really succeed. And I want to underline that Europe cannot again allow to have a lost generation facing the future of the European Union. That's why the investments are needed. Europe has to give the young generation hope.
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