EPP backs Juncker for European Commission President at summit of Party Chairmen.



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Stand-up CB on With the European Parliament elections just a few weeks away, the campaign for European Commission president is also intensifying. That's why the EPP Group's choice for the job – former Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg – came here to rally the troops in a summit of leaders of the European as well as national parliaments.
CB off The former head of the Eurogroup of finance ministers played a key role in navigating the Eurozone through the financial crisis. With the campaign motto Experience, Solidarity, Future, Mr. Juncker is seen by his supporters as having the steady and skillful hand needed to shepherd the EU out of the crisis.
Interview Jean-Claude Juncker. Former Luxembourg Priime Minister, on 23:10
I´m a candidate for president of the commission because I do think that I have the experience that you need, that I have the knowledge about all the countries, that I´m amongst those who can bridge north and south. I do think that we have to make sure everyone in Europe will understand that the EPP is the party taking care about the public finances, is a growth-oriented party who wants to increase the competitiveness of the European economy as a whole and bring people together. It´s about wealth, it´s about growth, it´s about sound public finances.
CB off The meeting was a key step in showing broad party support for Juncker across the EU28, after he was chosen in an EPP Group congress in Dublin last month.
Joseph Daul, EPP Group President He is among those great Europeans, and that in difficult moments when one says you have to change everything, no, you need to keep our basic values. And you need to consolidate what is happening in Europe. And I think that he is the man who is really made for that. He knows what he is talking about; he doesn´t panic. And so for the next five years, it is necessary for that stability on the European level. 1:50
Il fait partie de ces grands européens, et que dans des moments difficiles ou on dit qu´il faut tout changer, non, qu´il faut garder nos bases et nos valeurs. Et qu´il faut consolider ce qui se passe en Europe. Et je crois que c´est l´homme qui est vraiment fait pour cela, il sait de quoi il parle, il connait, il ne panique pas, et donc pour les prochaines cinq années, c´est nécessaire pour cette stabilité au niveau de l´Europe.
Paulo Rangel is an EPP Group vice-chair, responsible for relations with the national parliaments. He says the summit strengthened the linkage between Mr. Junker´s candidacy and those of other leading EPP members.
Paulo Rangel, Portuguese MEP 26:37
We have here not only presidents of national parties, sister parties of EPP, but we also have a very huge number of top candidates in national states. ... to create I would say the same kind of response of attitude toward the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker and EPP values.
CB off The current European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, was among high-ranking members of the EPP family who came to lend their support.
CB off Mr. Barroso's successor will be chosen by the European Parliament as well as Europe's heads of state making up the European Council.
CB on Thus the importance of getting backing from the national parliaments at this crucial point in the campaign. To show that Mr. Juncker has what it takes, not only in terms of experience, but also political clout.
Stand-up CB on Find out more about the activities of the largest political force in parliament by checking eppgroup.eu. Thanks for watching and see you again soon.
Headline EPP's Juncker gets backing for European Commission president in party summit.
Description EPP's Jean-Claude Juncker, former Luxembourg Prime Minister, rallies European and National parliamentarians for his bid to become the next European Commission President.
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