EPP Group, strongest in parliament, picks leaders for new term



EPP Group, strongest in parliament, picks leaders for new term
Chris off In its first meeting since European Parliament elections last month, the EPP Group chose its leadership. With more than 180 Members of Parliament, the EPP Group remains the largest political force for the fifth time since 1999. The Group´s Chairman Manfred Weber says, they aim to deliver.

Manfred Weber
EPP Group Chairman 3:23
European People´s Party is, for the ongoing talks and discussions with the other political families, the EPP Party is a united party. We are a united party, and we want to deliver.
Chris off By unanimous vote, the MEPs re-elected Weber as their chairman and candidate for president of the European Commission.

Chris off The MEPs also chose 10 vice-chairs from among a dozen candidates. They include: six men and four women, reflecting a geographical cross-section of the European Union.

We have geographical balance, we have a gender balance, we also have young people included in the new team. So I think that will also strengthen the approach of the European People´s Party for the upcoming weeks and months, especially for the negotiations.
The next step: parliament will choose its leadership the first week of July at its first plenary since the elections. Weber says the EPP Group is ready to compromise with other pro-European party groups to achieve a working coalition.

It is about strengthening the social market economy, more jobs, equal living conditions in today´s European Union, we want to work for a European social market economy which guarantees fairness in our societies - a big question on the table - and we have to do it in an environmentally friendly approach.
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