EPP Group will not approve EU-UK deal at any cost





EPP Group will not approve EU-UK deal at any cost
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With the latest Brexit trade talks showing no major progress, the EPP Group says it wants close cooperation with the UK. But it has clear red lines and conditions for an agreement. With the clock ticking toward a hard Brexit at the end of the year – and a potentially severe disruption in trade - the EPP says it won’t vote for a deal at any cost.

Christophe Hansen, Luxembourg MEP
There is room to still get a good deal by the end of the year. … If we want to have a good deal for our citizens, for businesses, it’s now to act and not to keep everything until late autumn. Late autumn will be too late because this parliament will have to give its consent .… 1:51 so progress needs to be made now. 1:54

Kris Peeters, Belgian MEP
UK is trying have the cake and eat it at the same time. That means that when you want to be a very important partner of the internal market, then you must accept a level playing field of course, that the rules about the environment, about standards and so on, are the same.
1:52 That’s of course a position that is very difficult to find a compromise, because you need two to tango. 1:59

GFX Prepared for a no-deal Brexit?

on 9:48
A hard Brexit is very negative not only for Europe but also for the UK, and certainly when you look to some countries like Belgium, a hard deal will be very, very negative for our companies, for our workers, and so on. We do everything to reach an agreement. But we must also be realistic: when there is no possibility to find a compromise that is acceptable for us, for the EU, then we have of course Plan B, and Plan B is no deal, a hard Brexit. 10:24

GFX Why is a level playing field so important?
Hansen on 8:08
If there would be companies producing on different environmental standards, social standards, fiscal standards, that would be an unfair competition to our producers. For us this is unacceptable, especially if we go for a zero tariffs, zero quota agreement that everybody wants to, that we signed up to, then we have to meet the same standards as well. 8:30

GFX What are the EPP Group’s objectives?

on 16:25
We will not do a deal at any cost. That has to be clear. And the EPP is working firstly to have a solid majority in the European Parliament, but secondly as well, to give out our clear messages to the UK and as well to the European Commission and its negotiating teams, what our red lines are, what is needed for the citizens, what is needed to protect the internal market, protect our small and medium enterprises, and we will only give consent if we get these guarantees accordingly. 16:56 (end)

on 14:39
We want to defend our internal market, we want to defend our standards, and we want to defend our way of life.
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