EU´s Africa Strategy should focus on countries with democratic values




10 Mar 2020


Brussels, Belgium

EU´s Africa Strategy should focus on countries with democratic values
Isabel Wiseler-Lima, Luxembourg MEP
Democratic values are essential values, and they must be essential for countries with which we have real partnerships.
Chris off
Isabel Wiseler-Lima, an EPP Group member of the European Parliament, as the EU sets out a new Africa Strategy. A member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, she says there’s got to be a stronger orientation toward reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.
Wiseler-Lima MEP on
They are all important, and in the 21st century, it´s that there is no more hunger in the world. And I must say, that without peace it is difficult to have economic growth.
Chris off
Economic growth can encourage people not to migrate. That´s one reason the EPP Group believes EU policy must promote democratic standards - good governance - to make sure EU funding is better spent. Europe is the largest donor to Africa - nearly 20 billion euros in 2018.
Wiseler-Lima MEP on
I am deeply convinced that you cannot impose democracy from outside. It must come from inside. And I am just as convinced that we need partnerships, real partnerships, only with countries with which we share those values.
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Closer cooperation with the African Union, representing more than 50 countries, is also important, says the EPP Group. The EU holds a summit with the AU in Brussels in October to renew their partnership.
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