Brexit superhero? Let’s be serious, says EPP Group



Brexit superhero? Let’s be serious, says EPP Group
The latest Brexit talks in Luxembourg, with no apparent result, underline the need for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to propose serious solutions instead of likening himself to The Hulk, says EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber.
It´s not a debate about a superhero. It´s a debate about concerns of millions of Europeans, of businesses in the European Union who have a lot of concerns and a lot of uncertainty ahead of them. And that´s why let´s be serious. Let´s take over our responsibility as European politicians to solve the Brexit challenge in a reasonable way.

What is Prime Minister Johnson asking for?
We don´t have any proposal from Boris Johnson on the table. He speaks about progress. I don´t see any progress. I think the new British government must now present their initiatives. We are ready for talks as Europeans. Also the European Parliament is ready for further talks, but we need concrete initiatives and proposals from London´s side.

Should the EU agree to delay Brexit?
An extension is currently politically not on the table. Boris Johnson himself said, ´´I will not ask for a prolongation of the Brexit date.´´ And if this is on the table, if he will reconsider his position, then we would have to discuss it, but I tell you that only to prolong the current uncertainty is not in the interest of either the British side neither on the European side. That´s why we need clarity.

And the European Parliament approved another resolution backing a Brexit extension under certain conditions, as explained by the EPP Group´s Danuta Hubner, a member of the Brexit Steering Group.
The extension could be for ratification, but also I think if, some people believe we need now to finalise the process, another democratic act like elections or a referendum, and if this is the case, I think the European Union, the Parliament, will vote that we will approve it, we will endorse it.

We absolutely consider the no-deal option, which is one of those lightly said, presented by the British prime minister, this no-deal option is for us the worst scenario. We don´t see it as an option actually, we are always against, and we believe that this would be very damaging.
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  • Laura Barrios
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