Defend rule of law in Poland with new measures



Defend rule of law in Poland with new measures
1:07 We´re talking about an intimidation and repression of those people who should be the beacon of justice.

The EPP Group’s Roberta Metsola on debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, over the Polish government replacing judges critical of its policies. President Andrzej Duda has recently signed a so-called ‘’muzzle law’’ to fire dissident judges, a move the Group says further erodes the rule of law in Poland.

2:18 Polish judges are European judges, and we´re going to continue to work to make sure that the rule of law is respected everywhere.

The EPP Group calls on the European Commission to file a complaint with the European Court of Justice to block the muzzle law.

1:13 The European Commission has to react. Of course the question is if the European Court of Justice will be so fast to freeze the law to protect the judges. We hope yes.

The Commission has already launched the so-called Article 7 process that could lead to the Polish government losing its voting rights on EU issues. Some urge linking rule of law to the ongoing budget talks. Halicki argues otherwise.

SOT: Halicki

1:53 I don´t think that Polish citizens, ordinary people, should be punished by the sins of the government.
2:08 Citizens, Polish citizens, have to feel support from the Union.
5:47 We have to remember that Polish society is very pro-European. 88% would like to be in the European Union.

Metsola knows well the rule of law debate in her native Malta, amid an investigation into the murder of a journalist there.

SOT: Metsola
:02 What happens in one Member State affects everywhere else.
:08 I come from Malta and we joined the same day Poland did, the European Union, we all came there, here, with some hope that what we had seen in the previous decades, the repression of institutions, state-controlled media, or a government that runs roughshod over all minorities, would stop.
:25 What we are seeing today is an ever-increasing threat to those fundamental values. :30
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