Iran can defuse crisis by sticking to nuclear deal




14 Jan 2020

Iran can defuse crisis by sticking to nuclear deal
:00 I think the regime obviously is very nervous.

The EPP Group´s foreign policy spokesman Michael Gahler on how Iran´s leaders are under pressure again by massive public protests, this time over accidentally shooting down an Ukrainian jetliner, killing 176 people.

:20 The general attitude after the people found out that there have been lies for three days about the real events with regard to the plane - now the people increasingly return again and denounce the regime.

Gahler says this could present an opportunity for Iran to re-apply the nuclear agreement it started to back away from. The European Parliament debated the latest Middle East developments during its latest plenary session.

1:03 Given the circumstances under which the Ukrainian plane was shot down, I think the regime has all reason to try and impress the international community by returning to its application. …
It´s also in their interest to resume the application of the treaty.´´ 1:23

If not, then Iran could face new EU sanctions.

1:29 If they continue to refuse, then we would have to reconsider that.

On the call by Iraq´s parliament for foreign troops to leave the country after the US killing of an Iranian general there, Gahler says those troops – including Europeans – need to stay.

2:57 The fight against ISIS needs to be continured, and the Iraqi army alone is not in a position to do it. I do not want to push the Iraqis further towards Tehran. They should have international partners to establish a functioning state, and that is what we are doing.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer