Rushes - Women's Day




07 Mar 2013


Brussels, Belgium



Cutaways of woman in a laboratory working.
Cutaways of woman (pilot) preparing for the flight.
Close-up shot of Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, French MEP.
Interview with Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, French MEP, member of the parliament's Women's Rights Committee (in French).

'Aujourd'hui le salaire des femmes est tellement faible, leur contrat de travail tellement peu solide, les temps partiels les ont fragilises, et les mesures d'austerite sont venues frapper les femmes dans leur travail. Ce qui fait que silencieusement elles se retirent d'elles-memes de leur travail.'

'Today women's salaries are so low, their work contracts hardly secure, part-time work has weakened them and austerity measures struck women in their work. So that silently they withdraw from their work.'

Cutaways of Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, speaking during the debate in the parliament. Shot of the audience.

Interview with Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, French MEP, member of the parliament's Women's Rights Committee (in French).

'Le rapport dit aussi qu'il faut employer des fonds pour le retour des femmes ou pour le maintien des femmes dans l'emploi. Et ca c'est tres important. Nous avons des fonds europeens pour stimuler la politique qui consolide les femmes dans leur emploi et maintient leur employabilite.'

'The report also says that we must use funds to return women, or keep women, in jobs. And that is very important. We have European funds to stimulate a policy that consolidates women in their work and maintains their employability.'

Cutaways of women working with children.
Sequence of woman designing and sewing clothes.

Interview with Mariya Gabriel, Bulgarian MEP, the EPP Group's member (interview in French).

'Ce temps partiel es souvent aussi le resultat de quelques stereotypes qui continuent a voir la femme comme lorsqu'elle decide de devenir maman de ne pas pouvoir remplir correctement ses fonctions professionelles. Or aujourd'hui nous connaissonss des instruments qui nous permettront de pouvoir surmonter ca. Par exemple les nouvelles technologies. Il me semble que le travail a distance. Une femme qui reste a la maison peut continuer a la difference d'il y a 30 ans a travailler,a perfectionner ses connaissances, et ainsi rester concurrentielle sur le marche du travail.'

'That part-time work is often the result of some stereotypes that continue to see women unable to correctly carry out their professional functions when they decide to become mothers. But today we know there are instruments that will allow us to be able to overcome that. For example new technology, working from a distance. A woman who stays at home can continue to work, compared to 30 years ago, to perfect their knowledge and remain competitive in the job market.'

Cutaways of different women sitting in front of the computers, working in the office.
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