Set EU-wide travel rules and aid tourism hit by Corona crisis




12 May 2020



Set EU-wide travel rules and aid tourism hit by Corona crisis
Travel and tourism in Europe are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, with 23 million jobs and 10% of the gross domestic product at stake. That’s why the EPP Group in the European Parliament calls for unified European health checks and sanitary protocols for travelling and tourism. It also wants the non-discriminatory re-opening of internal European borders and strong EU action to massively aid the tourism industry after the pandemic.

First condition: to open the borders, and to open for everybody. :18 We have to open the borders together with health conditions, requirements. That’s very clear also. :31
1:20 We are asking for coordinated, comprehensive action, avoiding on-the-spot bilateral agreements between two Member States or two parts of the same member state. Coming up with a proper, coordinated action across the EU, with the proper enforcement of course, with the necessary health checks, allowing that movement to happen. 1:39.
GFX: What guidelines should the EU establish?

1:06 For the conditions in the tourism entities - restaurants, hotels - we need harmonised rules: how many square metres for a table in the restaurant, how many rooms may be occupied, and so on. 1:26

1:36 We also need rules, common rules, for travel, which means that airports, railway stations should provide the same procedures. 1:45

How should the EU Recovery Plan help travel and tourism?

6:51 The travel and tourism industry has been and will be hit the hardest throughout this crisis, and we need to do everything in our power to save it. Our largest tourism destinations are among those countries that have been hit the hardest. How we are going to make sure that they can get back on their feet? 7:16

6:37 Tourism should be a part of this recovery plan. …6:48 We have to help the small companies - the SMEs, the family companies, the companies that are usually in the tourism sector. 7:01.

If we don’t kickstart that again, we are going to have a really, really difficult time for all our family businesses in tourism areas.

I am very hopeful, actually optimistic that we will get out of this crisis with success, and I have no doubt that the EPP Group is the right group that can lead us out, with the proper measures, with the vision as to how our economy can start again.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer