West must end "illusion" of cooperation with Putin on Ukraine, says EPP Group Vice-Chairman Saryusz-Wolski




16 Dec 2014


Brussels, Belgium



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It's been one momentous year since Ukraine's pro-democracy protests helped sweep away the corrupt regime of Viktor Yanukovych.
An ensuing civil war in Ukraine's east and military incursions by neighbouring Russia have hastened calls to bring Ukraine fully into the EUs economic, security and values sphere.
An EU - Ukraine Association Agreement was recently signed and democratic elections held.
Meanwhile, the EPP Group recently decided (in Riga and Strasbourg) on an ambitious programme to speed along Ukraine's reform efforts, while nominating its courageous EuroMaidan leaders for the European Parliament's prestigious Sakharov Prize.
Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, EPP Group Vice President and European Parliament rapporteur on Ukraine, insisted the EU and the West finally must view regime change in Russia as the only way to save Ukraine from destruction.
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It was an illusion to think that we can change Russia by multiplying economic, societal, political, cultural links. And that we have to expect rather the change within Russia going the way which it went in Ukraine, by internal change of those who want to live in peace and prosperity and according to the values of the western world.
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World oil prices are plummeting at the moment. What energy security measures do you think the West, the EU as well as Ukraine need to take to protect not only the EUs economic interests but also of those in the future of the Ukraine?
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Wolski on

First of all European Union has to continue to be less dependent and more secure by diversifying sources and routes of delivery, which means relying on other sources than Russian ones. If they come back to behaviour according to international standards and law, not occupying and annexing other countries and not using commodities as weapons then we can closely cooperate but for the moment it is impossible with the regime which is in Moscow.
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What reform efforts taken together with the Ukrainian Parliament and the European Parliament do you think will best aid civil society in attacking systemic corruption within Ukraine?
Jacek Saryusz-
Wolski A
UKR Reform

I would be very optimistic if not for Russia waging war on Ukraine because Ukrainians today are facing an impossible challenge: reforming and fighting aggression from Russia.
If they do not reform they will lose the war, if they are not able to win the war they will not be able to reform the country so they have to do both.
If the Western values, western society aspirations will not win in Ukraine, that will produce a domino effect in the whole post-Soviet sphere and the West will keep retreating and losing.
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EU comms to counter RU Agitprop What measures can the EU take to counter the ´Agitprop´ war being waged by Russia, and by many accounts, being waged pretty effectively so far?
Jacek Saryusz-
Wolski A on
response to RU

Consider that Ukraine is a battlefield for our values, and those who are able and ready to die for our values now deserve our defence.
Not because we are so kind and loving them, to put in bluntly, but because it is in on our profound interests to defend our values further on from our frontiers as today in order not to have the danger on our soil tomorrow.
Headline West must end "illusion" of cooperation with Putin on Ukraine, says EPP Group VP Saryusz-Wolski.
Description EPP Group VP and foreign affairs spokesman Jacek Saryusz-Wolski says country is a "battlefield" for western values; domino effect in Europe, will result if Russia is not countered in Ukraine's economic, political and energy spheres.
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