(German) The EU Must Help Real Refugees in Need



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When you see the pictures of the migration flows during the summer and the summer time, then everybody is aware that we have a huge responsibility in front of us, a huge challenge in front of us, and we have to understand that the we can only solve this problem is an European answer. We need a common European answer. That is the starting point. Then we came to the concreate measures and that means that we have to be as European Union a safe home for those people who really need our help. For Syrian refugees who are coming out of a civil war. It is need that we open our door for such peoples but in the other hand for the EPP is very clear to fight against the misuse of the system.

Europe has the right to defend the external borders. That it is not only a right it is an obligation to do this, and that means that means concretely that the Member States who are in charge of this have to make the effort to protect the borders, to decide on the borders who is allow to came in the European Union, and who is not allow to came in. And we as EPP we are asking for a European approach if Member States are failing.
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