Brexit countdown, Brazil forest fires, beating cancer



Brexit countdown, Brazil forest fires, beating cancer
In the European Parliament, a demand for the UK government to get serious about negotiating Brexit.
Only to prolong the current uncertainty is not in the interest of either the British side neither on the European side.
Debate over a trade deal with Brazil while its rainforest burns.
Citizens right across Europe are really concerned about the extent of the burning of the Amazon.
And redoubling efforts to fight cancer, with an EU masterplan.
It is possible to cure cancer. It´s a question of political will.

The latest Brexit talks in Luxembourg, with no apparent result, underline the need for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to propose serious solutions instead of likening himself to The Hulk, says the chairman of the EPP Group.
It´s not a debate about a superhero. It´s a debate about concerns of millions of Europeans, of businesses in the European Union who have a lot of concerns and a lot of uncertainty ahead of them. And that´s why let´s be serious. Let´s take over our responsibility as European politicians to solve the Brexit challenge in a reasonable way.
Manfred Weber says the problem is the lack of solutions from the UK side as the 31 October Brexit deadline approaches.
Also the European Parliament is ready for further talks, but we need concrete initiatives and proposals from London´s side.
Parliament approved a new resolution on Brexit, saying it was still open to another extension under certain conditions. Danuta Hubner is an EPP Group member of the Brexit steering group.
The extension could be for ratification, but also I think if, some people believe we need now to finalise the process, another democratic act like elections or a referendum, and if this is the case, I think the European Union, the Parliament, will vote that we will approve it, we will endorse it.

Raging fires in the Amazon rainforest have stirred debate in the European Parliament about the EU´s planned trade accord with the Mercosur countries. Brazil´s nationalist President Jair Bolsonaro has begun to cooperate in controlling the blazes. EPP Group members of parliament believe international agreements can help solve the problem.
Slamming a trade agreement, while I know there are many concerns I have about it, will not help both relationships, or indeed to bring the actions to fruition. So yes, let´s look at what´s on the table on the trade side. Let´s see how we can use that to leverage and put pressure on Brazil and the other countries to tackle environmental challenges.
We shouldn´t break down now the things going on in the Amazon and take as a scapegoat the negotiations with the Mercosur. We have our commitments to the Paris agreement in this agreement and we want to see now how Brazil, especially Brazil out of the four, is going to implement this - put this into music as we say.

The EPP Group is calling for redoubled efforts to find a cure for cancer by combining initiatives through a Europe-wide masterplan.
40% of Europeans will experience cancer in their lives, and the number is growing. ... That´s why we insist in our the EPP masterplan in the fight against cancer, if we can pool, if we can all our resources, all our data, all our money in the research field, then we are more effective in the fight against cancer.
The EPP Group has called for a cure for cancer in the next 20 years.
The doctors and the experts tell us, it is possible to cure cancer. It´s a question of political will, of investment, of research capacity, and of pooling the data, because that´s also very important in the fight against cancer on the European level.
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  • Laura Barrios
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