Commission's plan to tighten data protection law welcomed by EPP Group




31 Jan 2012


Brussels, Belgium



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The information age has transformed our lives and given us so many opportunities, particularly on the internet: everything from shopping to social networking. But it's also created a vast amount of data about us and about our lives. Now, the EU's Data Protection Directive is the main regulation which governs the use of this data, and joining me to discuss this is Axel Voss, our Group's spokesman, a German MEP.

Mr Voss, first of all what are the reasons behind the Commission's decision to update the directive?

Mainly three reasons: technology developments, then the different legal situation we have now with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and of course the fragmented legal situation in Europe, throughout the EU.

What's your initial view of the Commission's proposal?

This is a good base, a very good starting point, and I have the feeling that what we have asked for as a Parliament is now in the proposal.

So, how will the rights of internet users be enhanced by the Commission's proposal?

We are looking for a better balanced situation between the consumer and economic partners, so we will have more clarification on provisions for applicable law, for enforceability of the law and a better balanced situation, at least for the individual.

And how do you think Parliament will respond to the Commission's proposal?

We will discuss this very intensively and have a very close look at it, and try to find out whether the controlling system is a very good one and it's practical for the whole situation, for every economic partner. Therefore we will have an intense discussion on detailed points for at least one-and-a-half years.
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