Coronavirus, Migration, Industry, Africa Strategy




12 Mar 2020


Brussels, Belgium

Coronavirus, Migration, Industry, Africa Strategy
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Battling the Coronavirus - a call to action
Peter Liese 3:01
This needs a European cooperation.
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Tensions with Turkey over migrants
Manfred Weber 1:18
The main message is, you cannot blackmail Europe.
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Updating the EU´s Industrial Strategy
Esther de Lange 5:53
We can make the Green Deal a good deal for industry.
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Rethinking the EU´s Africa Strategy
Isabel Wiseler-Lima
We must have partnerships, real partnerships, with countries with which we share values.
Peter Liese, German MEP 1:24
The crisis is very serious. I´m very concerned, especially what happens in Italy.
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Peter Liese on the coronavirus. He wants more EU action on prevention as well as economic stimulus.
Liese on 2:01
We need much more European coordination. The European Centre for Disease Control - ECDC - needs much more staff as soon as possible.
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While health policy is a national responsibility, the EPP Group says the EU should coordinate restrictions on travel, schools and public events.
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On the economic impact, Liese and EPP Group Vice Chair Esther de Lange call for a more flexible interpretation of EU state aid rules to help companies hurting from the crisis.
Esther de Lange, Dutch MEP :30
We need to be all hands on deck, we should be making sure that we use all the flexibility that we have within our Stability and Growth Pact.
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Amid tensions at the Greek-Turkish border over migrants and refugees, the EU and Turkey have agreed to review their four-year-old agreement on how to manage the situation.
Manfred Weber, EPP Group Chairman :00
The presence of President Erdogan in Brussels is for me a clear proof that the measures on the external borders works, because we cannot be blackmailed.
Weber on :18
We are ready to help, but only on the negotiating table and not with pressure on the border.
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The EU has announced 700 million euros in new aid to Greece to help deal with the migrants and ensure the EU’s external border.
Weber on :35
Europe must show all the solidarity it can show to the Greek authorities to back their position and their activities there.
Christian Ehler, German MEP :19
The Green Deal is a chance, because we will invest, we will invite, we will have new industries.
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The EPP Group’s Christian Ehler, on the European Commission’s newly proposed Industrial Strategy, as the EU aims for carbon neutrality by 2050.
Ehler on :27
We have to cope with the fact that this is of transformative nature, you know we want to change industries, whole sectors.
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Traditional sectors like steel will need help to get greener and stay competitive, says EPP Group Vice Chair Esther de Lange. That means fair trade ties.
De Lange on 2:06
If you then don´t provide a level playing field at a global level, all you´re doing is chasing these companies away to other parts of the world.
Isabel Wiseler-Lima, Luxembourg MEP
Democratic values are essential values, and they must be essential for countries with which we have real partnerships.
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Isabel Wiseler-Lima, as the EU sets out a new Africa Strategy. She says there’s got to be a stronger orientation toward reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Wiseler-Lima MEP on
They are all important, and in the 21st century, it´s that there is no more hunger in the world. And I must say, that without peace it is difficult to have economic growth.
Chris off
Economic growth can encourage people not to migrate. That´s one reason the EPP Group believes EU policy must promote democratic standards - good governance - to make sure EU funding is better spent.
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