Enforcing worker rights across EU




20 Jun 2013


Brussels , Belgium



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Every year about one million Europeans are posted by their employers to other EU countries to work on a temporary basis. But many of those employees haven't been getting the proper job protection and benefits. The European Parliament has approved legislation to remedy that situation.

The posting of workers helps fill labour shortages in various sectors including construction, agriculture, care of the elderly and transport. It's part of Europe's single market that promotes the free flow of people, goods and services to power a more productive European economy.

Poland is one of the countries that posts the most workers abroad, along with Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Portugal. Polish MEP Danuta Jazlowiecka of the EPP Group authored the legislation.

Workers they don't know their rights and they don't know how to fight for these rights. And also there is lack of information, how to protect them, this lack of instruments, how to protect them against dishonest companies.

The so-called Enforcement Directive spells out how to safeguard workers' rights as well as employment rules, and calls for inspections to make sure those rules are followed. It ensures enforcement of fines and penalties across borders.

We establish control measures under which we can control if everything is going well.

But also, we are looking for the solution which will not build a lot of administrative burden, because this case the company would not be interested to post the workers. And one million people, especially from Western Europe, are using these kinds of movements.

The legislation also aims to leverage the power of information. It calls for a single national website per member state, providing info on terms and conditions of employment. It also would introduce an Internal Market Information System or IMI, for posting workers.

We can check if the company is a legal company, if the company is acting properly. So this is not open for workers, but this is open especially for the cooperation between member states, so it is very easy, in a quick way, to check if a company is right company.

It's an important piece of the puzzle, aiming to create a better-functioning single market, to ensure workers' mobility and respect of their rights. Find out more about the activities of the largest political force in parliament by checking eppgroup.eu. Thanks for watching and see you again soon.

Enforcing worker rights across EU

The European Parliament is considering measures to reinforce the rights of workers posted to other EU member states, including inspections and cross-border fines. Rapporteur Danuta Jazlowiecka of the EPP Group says the measures will help support economic activity within Europe's single market.

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