EPP Group calls for negotiated solution to EU-US trade dispute



In early October, the World Trade Organisation ruled in favour of the US in relation to an EU-US Airbus state aid dispute.

Following that, the US government has announced seven billion euro worth of tariffs on goods coming into the US from the EU.

The EPP Group tabled an urgent debate on the issue during the mini plenary in Brussels on 9 October. EPP Group spokesperson on trade, Christophe Hansen, explained more.

Whisky for example, European cheeses, olive oil from Spain and from Italy - so a lot of producers, small producers from the European Union were hurt by this announcement. The tariffs will come into force on the 18th of October. So it was for us really important to react strongly and to say to the Commission and as well to the US that we want to have a negotiated agreement.

He went on to talk about the solution to the ongoing EU-US trade dispute.
The ideal solution of course would be that finally the US comes back to the negotiating table.

But if the United States don’t come back to the negotiating table, we will have to retaliate in the same manner, we have to retaliate in the same kind. And those will be sanctions. But this is really a trade war building up and we want to avoid it.

And he set out a key EPP Group message for EU citizens.
We stand strong for our European producers. We will help them and we will protect them against the United States’ sanctions. That’s very strong for us. We want our farmers, our small and medium-sized enterprises especially but as well bigger ones, not to be hurt, especially as they are not the cause of the problem. We will help them and we will stand strong for them.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer