EPP Group pushes for humanitarian approach to refugee crisis



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- What is the EPP Group's assessment of the decisions taken at the informal European Summit last week?

The European Summit last week was a good step and a positive direction, so Europe delivered. Europe showed that it can deliver, that we can deliver, especially on helping these three countries: Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to do their job in the neighbourhood of Syria. That was a big and an important outcome.

- Member States have agreed on the distribution of 160 000 refugees but this figure is clearly underestimated. What actions are necessary to tackle the refugee crisis?

On the one hand, we have to be open for those who need our help, especially from Syria, there are in a civil war and they are under pressure from the Islamic terrorism. We have to open our borders; we have to help these peoples.

On the other hand, we have to protect borders; that mean that we need check points. Where we decide whether you can come in or whether you are not allowed to come in but you are an illegal migrant, and that is also to do.
So, we need borders protection and a helpful humanitarian atmosphere.
- Should more money in the EU budget be used for migration / foreign policy?
Migration is the biggest question at the moment in the European Union and that must be reflected when we talk about the budged 2016. So for the next year budget our Group, the EPP, asked for one billion Euros, more money for especially dealing with the refugee crisis. We have to invest there to solve the problems.
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