EPP Group suggests exit strategy for crisis-stricken Ukraine



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Optimising EU funds to get out of the crisis and reshaping the EU's Energy Policy were the two main issues of the EPP Group Bureau Meeting in Krakow. But the new wave of deadly clashes in Kiev in neighbouring Ukraine changed the agenda. The situation in Ukraine and the possible reactions to the escalation of violence monopolised the first part of the meeting.

The meeting started with a one minute silence for the victims of violence in Majdan Square in Kiev. Opening the meeting, Jacek Protasiewicz, Head of the Polish Delegation of the EPP Group and Vice-President of the EP, said that this is going to be an exceptional debate and recalled what the EPP Group did in previous years to help Poland enter the European Union. Jan Olbrycht, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group responsible for Intercultural Relations, said that the meeting is taking place in Krakow under a very specific situation. The Prime Ministers who belong to the same group, the President of the Council and of the Commission who also belong to the EPP family are all involved in the efforts to find a solution in Ukraine.

Taking the floor, Ostap Semerak, former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and adviser to Arseniy Yatsenyuk Leader of the "Batkivshchyna Party", said that the situation is changing from minute to minute in Kiev and the peaceful protestors are not using the same methods - weapons - to respond to the violence by the riot police and he blamed President Yanukovych for the escalation of the situation. The opposition is united and trying to find a peaceful solution

"The nature of the crisis in Ukraine is clear, it is the crisis of the regime, but we should have imposed sanctions earlier", said Arnaud Danjean Chairman of the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence.

The EPP Group is doing its utmost to stop the violence on the streets of Kiev. Once the riots are over, a debate on the cause of the conflict and the possible solutions can be started in the Ukrainian Parliament. And the EPP Group will be there to offer any help needed. For more on this topic please visit our website eppgroup.eu

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EPP Group suggests exit strategy for crisis-stricken Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine and the reactions to the escalation of violence, but also possible solutions and measures to stop the violence, were the main issues of the first panel of the EPP Group's Bureau Meeting in Krakow.
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