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Joseph Daul on

Pas par pas nous sortons de la crise économique en disant nous avons une amélioration dans cette crise économique. Que partout, et pour ça aussi nous devons être fiers, où des gouvernements PPE étaient en place, où sont en place, la reprise est, non seulement plus rapide, mais surtout c'est une reprise durable.

Ioannis off

EPP Group's chairman, Joseph Daul, opened the bureau meeting in Amsterdam by pointing out the importance which the shy recovery of the EU economy has in view of the European elections of May 2014. However the new early elected President of the European centre right party, the EPP, insisted that this is not enough and we have to keep the same line.

Joseph Daul on

La ligne politique que nous avons défendue au Parlement et au Conseil (des Ministres), fonctionne. Ça c´est claire, et cette ligne est très simple mais elle nécessite du courage. Et on ne peut pas faire comme les socialistes, et dépenser l´argent que on n´a pas gagné.

Ioannis on

So, what is really at stake in the next European elections in May2014?

For example, for Dutch politicians the major issue is the defence of the open society which made the success of the country.

I asked this question to some prominent guest-speakers in the meeting of the Bureau of the EPP Group here in Amsterdam.

Balkenende on

I think it is so important that we use the European elections to convince people that our future is in Europe and in the world. An open country, and international oriented country like the Netherlands really takes benefit of Europe every day.

Esther de Lange on

The big question is: Does Holland remain an open country that dares to look across borders? This is what made us strong in the past; we are convinced as Christian democrats that this is what we need in the future. The risk is that the European elections will be: are you against or in favour of Europe? And we should make sure that voters know, that people know, it is about what kind of Europe we want.

Ruth Peetoom on

Unfortunately the present economic crisis puts pressure on this tradition of tolerance. Uncertainty is everywhere. This is the major task for us, politicians. Providing certainty for the future.

Ioannis on

It is true that since the economic crisis of 2008 the EU has done a lot.

There are still a lot to be done to bring Europe back on the track of recovery and employment.

The right persons to about were the European Commissioner Michel Barnier and former Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende.

The first is the man in charge of the internal market of the Union and prosperity and the latter was at the helm of the Netherlands for eight good and prosperous years.

Barnier on

Ce qu´il reste à faire c'est de faire ce que on a dit. Terminer la régulation, remettre des règles de la transparence, de la morale dans les marchés financiers, mieux gouverner la zone euro, faire l'effort de réduction des déficits parce que on ne peut pas continuer à emprunter à nos enfants pour notre fonctionnement d´aujourd'hui, et puis relancer le marché unique, relancer les politiques communes.

Balkenende on

It is essential that Europe shows to have the willingness to have a winning mentality. We have great companies, we have great universities, we have a well educated population. Europe can make difference but that means that you have to fight for it. Innovation, research and development. Combinations between entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. These things should be in our agenda. And I think that Europe should play a leading role.
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