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This conference is more than just making a statement about the condition of the European labour market. It´s about how to get Europe´s next generation to power the economy in future--not easy with youth unemployment in the EU remaining stubbornly above 20 percent.

John off The numbers are staggering. The likelihood of a young employment age person being out of work is more than twice as high as for adults.
The economic loss, according to one EPP Group report, is an estimated EUR 153 billion in the Member States due to the "disengagement" of young people from the labour market.
Meanwhile unemployment has jumped by one-third among women under 25 in the last four years.

John off Inese Vaidere, EPP Group member from Latvia, said there was a stark contrast between countries like Germany and Austria...with relatively lower rates around 15%, and those of Latvia and Greece, with rates of 28 and 50% respectively: It cries out for an exchange of fresh thinking among the Member States.

Interview Inese Vaidere Inese Vaidere, Latvian MEP, EPP Group

03:09 – 03:38
In terms of youth employment we can learn from Austria and Germany because we see the numbers and the numbers are low. And I see already my colleagues which were presenting some views on this on how they achieved this and I think there is a good possibility to translate this to other countries. Because as I explored this situation in each country there is something good, something valuable to spread to other countries.

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Finnish EPP Group member Sari Essayah says there is no greater pressing problem.
Interview Sari Essayah Sari Essayah, Finnish MEP, EPP Group

03:23 – 03:41
Politicians should now take this seriously and understand that this is the major problem of the EU at the moment. It's not the banking union; it's not the crisis of Europe. It's the youth themselves. We have to help them now. And also we should understand that young people, they need encouragement.

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Essayah said there is no silver bullet, but a good start is the up to 8 billion Euros in funding which governments have pledged as part of the so called "Youth Guarantee" scheme.
Interview Inese Vaidere Sari Essayah

Well in my country Finland we implemented the Youth Guarantee scheme. We hope this can be some kind of model for the whole of EuropeWe know that with this programme in Finland we have money to reduce the number of unemployed, the percent of unemployment, fell by 2% in the first six months and this is very encouraging.

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Essayah said Europe´s politicians needed to take the problem far more seriously.

Interview Sari Essayah Sari Essayah
Well, when we are having our political speeches they are the priority number one. But when we are using our budget money it seems that they are not that important and that's a huge mistake…because we are now talking about the future of the whole EU the future of the whole Europe. If we are losing this young generation we are losing the future of Europe.
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With budget cuts continuing throughout the EU, Europe`s young workers are especially vulnerable to the axe. Helping them get back into jobs or set up their own businesses will be crucial to easing Europe`s overall jobs malaise.

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