EPP Group urges member states to supplement €6 billion Youth Employment guarantee




Bruxelles, Belgium



Public hearing on Youth Employment calls for greater engagement by Member States to improve job prospects for Europe´s hard hit youth.
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It represents one of the great scourges of modern Europe: youth unemployment. For every unemployed adult in the EU over 25, there are two young people under that age in the same difficult

Now a 6 billion Euro Youth Employment Initiative could play a crucial role in securing the EU labour market in future.

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The numbers are depressingly mind boggling. The EUs lost economic opportunity from youth joblessness is an estimated 153 billion Euros annually, equal to nearly 10 percent of the world´s food supply value.

5.5 million youths of working age-- are out of work. And of the most recent hirings in Europe, 90 percent of those were classified as temporary.

Sidonia Jedrzejewska, a Polish EPP Group member, said the Initiative is vital to getting Europe´s disheartened youth back on their feet.


Sidonia Jędrzejewska, Polish MEP

08:35-08:46 (cutaway) I believe that the six billion Euros combined with additional finds from the European Social fund, combined with the labour funds in national treasuries, that is a considerable amount of money (cutaway) 12:11- 12:20 -- There is also a need for more innovative thinking from the sides of the job applicants from the side of the employers and from the sides of the government.

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In Greece and Spain 59 percent and 56 percent of young people respectively struggle with unemployment. Together with Italy they receive the lion´s share of the Initiative´s budget.

Jedrzejewska, a member of Parliament´s Budget Committee, said better communication is important among society´s main actors.

Sidonia Jędrzejewska

Sidonia Jedrzejewska, Polish MEP

09:09- 09.30 What I believe is key to help young people to start, to get into the labour market and to stay in the labour market is the good public private partnerships. There is also a need to be more innovative. There is a need for more reform of the labour market in general.

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There are some critical voices who say it´s not enough to recognise the problem. Alix Masson is head of Policy at the European Youth Forum.

Alix Masson,
Head of Policy, European Youth Forum

14:54-15:09 So there is this amazing cost that seems to be amazingly compelling to everyone but still there is a lack of ambition when it comes to investment and when it comes to measures.

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Masson said European companies themselves need to try just as hard as their job applicants.

Alix Masson,
European Youth Forum

19:26-19:46 I think most of the things we hear from most of the companies in Europe today are the fact that three are too much social charges, that the conditions in Europe are not good but what re really the proposals behind it? Some companies do have quality internships, quality jobs for young people. Why some can and others can´t?

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Meanwhile unemployment has jumped by a third among women under 25 in the past four years, and some such as early leavers from education and training, are a high risk group with more than half of those out of work.

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With average youth unemployment in the EU
hovering dangerously above 20 percent, Europe's job creators have their work cut out for them.

The Youth Employment Initiative could help
Europe's unemployed youth back into the labour market...and in the process guard against the rise of extremism in society... and in the voting booths.

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