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PTC Opener John on A common security and defence policy is not an empty catchphrase. More than 150 billion Euros gets spent on it annually but since the economic crisis of 2008 there have been cuts amounting to more than 30 billion Euros--a real burden.

Now the EPP says that defence and security should be at or near the top of every future EU summit. It says though that flexibility and greater cooperation among the member states is needed.

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EPP heads of the European and National Parliaments, holding their own summit on the issue, which was addressed by both EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul and European Council President Herman van Rompuy, recognised that differences of opinion remain in the EU member states.

Vice Chairman of the EPP Group responsible for relations with Parliamentary groups at the national level is Paulo Rangel.
Interview MEP Paulo Rangel EPP Group Vice Chairman Paulo Rangel
10:34-10:52 It´s very important to have a European framework for this because there is some risk of isolation of some countries and then they would have a kind of different approach to these matters that could be dangerous even for internal European security.
B roll John off Inigo Mendez de Vigo, Spanish Secretary of State for European affairs and former EPP Group MEP said Europe´s overall credibility was at stake.

Inigo Mendez de Vigo Inigo Mendez de Vigo, Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs
15:36- 15:51 In the next European Council, that is December, we are going to concentrate on security and defence. Why? Because I do believe that the European Union will only have a real foreign policy if we have a real security and defence policy.
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Defence has historically been split between those who want to develop a truly independent European force and those who prefer to rely on NATO backed by a larger US presence on European soil.

But now with the Americans shifting their attentions to the Pacific and demanding that Europe do more and pay more for its own security, there is a renewed feeling of urgency.

Arnaud Danjean, EPP group chairman of the Committee for Security and Defense was asked if Europe is capable of speaking with one voice-- eventually.

Interview MEO Arnaud Danjean Arnaud Danjean MEP Chairman of the Committee for Security and Defense


It should be. It should be able and willing. The problem we face is we do not have the same will and the same capability at the same time-- all of us. That´s probably the main challenge we have to face in the coming years. I think anyway there are more and more states aware that if we continue that way we will totally decline strategically speaking.

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There was also a clear message for some individual member states that going it alone in today´s security and defence world is not an option.

Agostino Miozzo is Managing Director of the Crisis Response Department in the European External Action Service.


Agostino Miozzo, Managing Director of the Crisis Response Department, EEAS

Agostino Miozzo, Managing Director of the Crisis Response Department, EEAS
12:58 - 13:23 We need to talk and to underline that common security, common defence is today a priority. Europe is facing a great problem. Europe is facing somehow that it will be alone to face the Mediterranean issue, the migration issue, internal security, the threat of terrorism. So we need to talk and we need to find a common solution.


John off Europe today stands at the crossroads of two great violent upheavals one in the Middle East, the other in North Africa and its Arab revolts. Both NATO and European forces are stretched very thin, says Arnaud Danjean.

He cited the examples of Mali, separated only by Algeria from Europe-- and Afghanistan, 10 borders removed. Both crisis areas a long way from Europe´s core capabilities.

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