EU Budget battle, Poland standoff, Vietnam trade



EU Budget battle, Poland standoff, Vietnam trade
Chris: Showdown over the EU´s new long-term budget plan.
Siegfried Mureșan :58 If the European Council will agree on something less ambitious, more disappointing, the European Parliament will not give its vote.
Chris 1:06 More Parliament pressure on Poland over how it treats its judges
Roberta Metsola 1:07 We´re talking about an intimidation and repression of those people who should be the beacon of justice.
The EU´s first trade deal with a developing economy
Iuliu Winkler 1:16 We say to our Vietnamese partners: ‘let’s do it together’.
Chris: Parliament debated an upcoming EU summit on the budget plan for 2021-27. Siegfried Muresan, the EPP Group’s Vice Chair in charge of budget, is concerned EU leaders will make a deal without Parliament at the table.
Siegfried Mureșan, Romanian MEP :28 Not to forget about farmers, not to forget about the least developed regions in Europe, but to also finance the new priorities in Europe, which are climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, improving our energy efficiency, securing our external borders :44
Chris: EPP Group budget negotiators want spending at 1.3% of the EU´s Gross Domestic Product, up from about 1%.
Jan Olbrycht, Polish MEP 2:06 We would like to continue working on research, we would like to continue working on the climate, but we would also like to have the concrete municipalities, to build roads, to have them with the hospitals and schools, et cetera.
José Manuel Fernandes, Portuguese MEP 2:21 With the United Kingdom leaving, with new needs, it is necessary to have a budget with a higher level than what we have now.
Fernandes: For example, taxes on the giants of digital. They don´t pay. They must pay. We must also avoid fraud and tax evasion.
Chris: Parliament debated what next in the EU´s standoff with the Polish government, which is replacing judges critical of its policies.
SOT: Roberta Metsola, Maltese MEP: 2:18 Polish judges are European judges, and we´re going to continue to work to make sure that the rule of law is respected everywhere
Chris: The EPP Group wants the European Commission to ask the European Court of Justice to block Poland´s so-called ´´muzzle law´´aimed at firing judges who disagree with the government.
Andrzej Halicki, Polish MEP 1:13 The European Commission has to react. Of course the question is if the European Court of Justice will be so fast to freeze the law to protect the judges. We hope yes.
Chris: It´s a key step to grow the EU´s trade with southeast Asia. The European Parliament ratified a free-trade agreement with Vietnam that slashes almost all tariffs and lowers trade barriers.
Chris: The EPP Group´s shadow-rapporteur of the Parliament´s report on the agreement says during eight years of negotiations, Vietnam made dramatic progress in its economy, labour conditions and environmental protection.
Iuliu Winkler, Romanian MEP: One of the crucial ferments of these changes is the European Union. The perspective of enhancing EU Vietnam cooperation by implementing the Free Trade Agreement and the Investment Protection Agreement gives positive motivation to the Vietnamese authorities.
Chris: The EPP Group´s Christophe Hansen, on the International Trade Committee, says trade accords also maintain pressure on countries to address other issues.
Christophe Hansen, Luxembourg MEP: The ratification of that accord does not mean closing one´s eyes to the human rights situation in Vietnam, and above all not giving a blank check to the Vietnamese government.
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