EU economic policy needs teeth, more future-oriented spending



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Interview with EPP MEP Othmar Karas.

From now on, we need a better coordination, but a better coordination with sanctions. In the long term we need a political union. the first step is the banking union, the second step is the fiscal union. And behind them we have to work better together as national parliamentarians and the European parliamentarians because we are the democratic legitimacy body.
Interview with EPP MEP Andreas Schawb.

However, this year, and me as a coordinator of the internal market committee, I´m happy about it. This time they have added a report on the single market integration, showing where member states are really going forward in implementing single market legislation in the right moment. And other countries that don´t do that. That´s very positive, but also here, this is still too general.

Interview with EPP MEP Paulo Rangel.

When you see for instance the MFF, multifinancial framework negotiations, you´ll see that they are doing cuts just in these new smart economy and they are keeping the common agriculture policy, the structural funds policy, that are very traditional, conventional, and that have brought us to the situation where we are.
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