EU Energy Union should move quickly towards energy diversification



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Fighting in Ukraine

The European Union pursues its energy security, shaken by geopolitical upheaval.

European energy supplies – gas pipelines, tankers (superimpose grafics saying more than 50% energy imported, 90% of oil, 66% of gas)

Dependent on imports for more than 50% of its energy, the EU is seeking to establish a common policy to buy and distribute its energy supplies.

EPP Ukraine policy paper, section on energy, zoom in on "radical enhancement"

As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, the EPP Group is calling for a "radical enhancement" of the EU's energy security by decreasing its dependency on Russia and expanding other energy sources.



As part of an EU Energy Union, it would boost investment in European-produced energy, including renewables, as well as seek import partnerships with other countries.

Power grids
It calls for more pipelines, power grids and other infrastructure to interconnect the EU28 in a single market. All aimed at giving Europe´s consumers and businesses a better deal.

Jerzy Buzek, MEP, on

Creating integral energy market, we could help our consumers, our environment and our economy.

The EPP Group´s draft energy position paper also calls for a binding greenhouse gas reduction target of at least 40% in the EU. That would include securing the Emissions Trading System as the main tool to reduce those emissions in a cost-efficient way.

Worker installing insulation

Energy savings also play a key role, and with Europe behind on its plans for a 20% increase in efficiency by 2020, more decisive action will be needed.


EU Energy Union should move quickly towards energy diversification


The EU urgently needs a common energy policy to reduce dependence on Russia amid the Ukraine crisis. The EPP Group says the Energy Union should also develop cleaner and more reliable energy sources by collectively bargaining for energy imports, diversifying sources from other countries, developing renewable energy, expanding the EU's energy grid, and encouraging conservation.


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