EU should help ease impact of Thomas Cook collapse



As it has been a complicated situation, not only for the consumer, for tourism, for the entire service sector, for transport, for connectivity, especially in areas such as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. It has also had a very large effect in Andalusia and Catalonia, but especially in those regions. And, therefore, Europe has to give an answer. First, talk about tourism and make a calm debate about tourism, because tourism represents 4 percent of the gross domestic product of the European Union. But also consumer protection, and prevent it from happening again.

(What more should be done beyond the existing Package Travel Directive to remedy the situation?)
There is a directive that we approved of combined trips, that actually has been very effective in being able to protect all the trips that had been made and all the issues that had been raised. In effect, the hotel federation has emphasised that it has been a successful directive. But we have on the table another directive on air transport that should be put in effect because it is necessary that we guarantee connectivity now on island territories such as the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands that has been eliminated.
Well, today's debate in the European Parliament is necessary to be able to talk about the economics of digitalisation and adaptation to that digitalisation, and new challenges in tourism.

(Why is additional help so crucial for Europe’s economy, considering tourism is 12 million jobs and 4% of the EU’s economy?)
Obviously in this debate that we will have, and in this reflection, that we have to do it together, we will have to talk about quality, connectivity, innovation, training, how we can help companies from the European Union so that they can in this digitised world, be competitive in tourism. But in the case of Thomas Cook, how can we mobilise funds such as the globalisation fund, such as the European social fund, and other European funds, and encourage member states to take action - bonuses to protect workers, airport fees, the lifting of airport charges and, above all, inject liquidity to all companies that have been affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer