EU to Toughen Tobacco Legislation




Brussels, Belgium



Shots of cigarettes, tobacco products.

Shots of young people smoking.

Interview with Tonio Borg, Commissioner for Health.

'It's important that cigarette products, nicotine products, are not attractive to the young.
This is extremely important if we want to put down, and have a decline of smokers inside the European Union, which would also not only mean a healthier living, that is a value in itself, health is a value in itself, but also economically it would mean less costs for government to treat health-smoking related diseases and also savings for the individuals themselves.'

Shot of Tonio Borg during Public Hearing speaking.

Interview with Tonio Borg, Commissioner for Health.

'All members states have signed and ratified the whole convention on tobacco control and they have certain obligations, which are reflected in this directive. So I hope we will have smooth ride in the
Council. Of course there are issues, which still have to be solved but I think everyone is behind the main trust of this directive. If it leads to reductions smokers, it would have achieved its aim.'

Shots of tobacco products: cigarettes' etc.

Interview with James Reilly, Irish Minister for Health.

'This is what we want because that's reality, that's what it does to your lungs, to your heart, to your blood vessels. And I believe that this will be very instrumental in reducing the number of younger people who start smoking.'

Shot of the bar in Dublin. People in the street.

Shots from the cigarette company (production line), boxes of cigarettes, shot of flavoured cigarettes.

Interview with James Reilly, Irish Minister for Health.

'And in our own country we certainly want to protect our children, that's why we want to ban smoking in cars when children are present .This has to be done and it has to be done with all speed.'

Shot of EPP Group Member Karl-Heinz Florenz during the public hearing on tobacco.

Interview with EPP Group Member Karl-Heinz Florenz (in German).

'Ich bin sehr begeistert davon, dass er die Chemikalien erheblich reduzieren will, weil die manche Nebenwirkungen haben, die wir noch nicht Kenntnis nehmen. Das ist ein ganz wichtige Frage. Da muss Tabak auch nach Tabak schmecken und wenn Tabak dann eines Tages "eine rauhe Zunge hat"..., dann muessen die Buerger das herausfinden koennen, aber nicht via Chemikalen, dass alles uberdeckt wird; das waere schlecht.'

'I am particularly pleased that he wants to significantly reduce the chemicals in tobacco, because there are many side effects, which we do not know about. This is an important point. Tobacco must taste like tobacco and people must be able to find out that it gives you a smoky mouth. It should not be masked by nice flavours because that would be misleading.'
Sequence of a man rolling a cigarette and smoking.

Shot of an ashtray/man smoking.
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