EU-Vietnam trade deal gets green light from Committee



EU-Vietnam trade deal gets green light from Committee
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“It was a convincing vote, it was the compromise built by EPP and major political groups that provided the majority for these votes”

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Trade Committee Vice Chair Iuliu Winkler (PRON:you-lee-o Vinkler) welcoming a vote to back a deal, described as the most ambitious the EU has negotiated with a developing country.
The trade and investment agreements with Vietnam, open up a range of new opportunities

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“So primary and basic scopes are linked to our economic interaction, what is good for citizens in Europe and in Vietnam that will good for the economy, for SMEs and our companies so we are expecting good benefits on these fields of economy, of jobs and of green transition”
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It’s been nearly 8 years in the making with concerns raised along the way about environmental, labour and human rights standards in the South East Asian country.
Iuliu Winkler Winkler (PRON:you-lee-o Vinkler) says they have been engaging closely with Vietnam about these issues

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“We expect the Vietnamese authorities to continue interacting with the EP, to continue giving us concrete elements of their engagement to fulfil the expectations of the European Parliament and of the international Trade Committee.

While it’s hoped these agreements will open to the door to other Asian markets

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“We have a very important strategic vision when we are discussing and agreeing with Vietnam because the broader strategy of the European Union would be to engage with all ASEAN countries and finally have region to region trade agreement and region to region investment agreement so that all ASEAN countries can benefit from the direct relations and better relations and free trade with the European Union”

The trade element of the deal faces one more hurdle. Parliament will have its say at next month’s plenary in Strasbourg
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  • Laura Barrios
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